About Ginza Shimizu Pharmacy

Our community-based dispensing pharmacy was established in 1924 in Ginza. We provide all products of Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and will give you the highly popular Sato-chan goods depending on your purchase amount.

Our original skin care products, JUNREISUI SERIES, are popular cosmetics which are effective for spots and wrinkles. Some people come all the way to Ginza only to purchase these series.

JUNREISUI SERIES, Ginza Shimizu Pharmacy’s original beauty liquid

Our original products work like a magic on spots, wrinkles, shadow around eyes, and sensitive skin! We recommend JUNREISUI ESSENCE for those who are thinking to start this series. We can provide you with some samples upon your request.

About "Junreisui" series

Products of Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

You can purchase almost all products of Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., including pharmaceutical products, health food, animal drugs, and cosmetics in our pharmacy. We hope that you have a healthy life by using both Sato products and Sato-chan goods. The products of Sato can help to maintain the health and cure diseases depending on each application method. As we also have other products, including drugs and health food, which can be combined to provide the synergetic efficacy, please feel free to consult with us.

Sato Pharmaceutical merchandise

Sato-chan goods

We have the largest number of Sato-chan goods in Japan! Various types of Sato-chan goods we have include large 50 cm dolls and small key holders. Some of them have become collector's items and their value has increased over the years. You can get information on Sato-chan goods by our direct mail, if you are interested in them. We will introduce rare Sato-chan goods during our campaign. For details, please contact us.

Sato-chan Museum